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3rd Ricohforum Meet up

After the 3rd Ricoh meetup has been postponed we have rescheduled it for today.

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2nd Ricohforum Meetup

It has been a while since our 1st Ricohforum meetup in December so we decided to organize another meetup. This time we planed a walk from Kings Cross to Camden and then finish up in Primrose Hill.

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1st Ricohforum Meetup

Today was the day of the first official Ricohforum meetup. You might remember we had a previous Ricoh meetup in London but this now was the official meetup.

Ricohforum London Meet-up

This is a reminder for the first official RicohForum meet up!
Some key dates and facts:

Date: 29-11-2008
Start time: 10-11:00
Place: London
The date and time are firm, the meeting place will be determined closer to the date and depends on the number of people who may come. So it may change! Please, keep watching this post!
And what should you expect? Definitely a great meeting with people of the same interest and passion, a lot of nice discussions and as we hope, also nice little walk around the London and taking some photographs. But that’s not all!

As you probably know, Ricoh is watching the forum with great interest and some of the Ricoh Europe folks will come also to our London meeting! At this point, I don’t know who exactly and how many of them will come. But after a wonderful dinner at Photokina, I’m quite sure it would be a very nice experience for all participants of this London meeting! So don’t miss your chance to meet the Ricoh folks personally and tell them your opinions and suggestions for next generations of their wonderful photographic tools we all love.

If you are interested in this meeting, please post here. In case you can’t make it but would like to Ricoh any questions you can open a thread in the Ricoh forum or post your questions and comments under this post.