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Ricoh CX3 Announced

Ricoh has announced the CX3 today.
The CX3 follows on from the R-series and the most recent CX1 and CX2 cameras to offer a superzoom lens in a compact package.

Like the CX2, it offers a f3.5-5.6 10x zoom lens ranging from 28-300mm and a 3″ LCD display with 920,000 pixel. It also offers the same fast continous shooting modes, high-contrast b&w mode and the minuaturize mode.

So what is new you ask?

Read on to find out.
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Ricoh GXR Announced!

There were lots of rumors and speculation regarding the new Ricoh camera. Would it be an interchangeable lens camera, would it have a small sensor or an APS sensor, would Ricoh team up with Pentax and use a variant of their K-mount and even use rebranded Pentax lenses? These and more speculations kept the people in forums busy, it was no secret that Ricoh was working on something big but nobody knew what it was exactly.

Today, Ricoh has finally revealed it and we were all way off, their new “camera” is neither of the above but something completely unique and different.

It is not a camera in the traditional sense, it has no interchangeable lenses and both a small sensor and an APS sensor. What it is, is something new and very exciting. It is called the GXR and is the first ‘Interchangeable Unit Camera System’ as Ricoh calls it. It is a new system not constrained by any of the current limits.

Lets have a closer look at it and see how it compares with traditional cameras and the competition.

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New Ricoh GRD III Anounced!

Today, Ricoh has announced the Ricoh GR Digital III. The GRD III follows the very successfull Ricoh GRD I, released in 2005, and the Ricoh GRD II, released in 2007. Before that Ricoh had the film GR1 series, the GR21 and even released their GR lenses in a limited edition made for Leica L-mount.

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