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GR Digital III – A Serious Compact Book update

My GRD III book can now be purchased at Blurb by clicking here.

You can also download a pdf version here and of course the flash version is still available for view here.

I am planning on releasing more books in the future about Ricoh and their cameras but also more general photo books. If you have any comments or suggestions about this let me know.

Also, this website does and will not feature any adverts but if you want to support the site you can buy the book on Blurb.


GR Digital III – A Serious Compact

In case you have been wondering why my GRD III review has been delayed that much, this is to do with me being quite busy recently but also because I want to make it a very extensive review that should hopefully answer all questions regarding all three GRDs.

Another reason is that I have been working on a project for Ricoh. They have asked me to make a book for the GRD III. This was a great project and I am really happy to have had the opportunity to work on this.
Now that the book is finished and printed, I thought I will upload it so you can have a look and see the book. It looks fantastic in print and it shows why looking at pictures on screen is not the best way to appreciate them.

You can see the full book here.
Now you can also order the book on Blurb by clicking here.

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