Ricoh GRD III Review – Part 4

While the low ISO comparisons revealed some interesting things about the GRDs, the image quality differences were only minor between them.
In this part I will look at how the image quality compares at ISO 400, 800 and 1600. This should be more demanding for the cameras and especially the JPG engines which have to deal with more noise. Therefore we should see bigger differences between the cameras.

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Ricoh GRD III Review – Part 2

With the GRD III Ricoh has introduced a lot of new features requested by previous GRD users.
There are to many features to mention all of them but I have created a summary of the most important below.

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New Ricoh GRD III Anounced!

Today, Ricoh has announced the Ricoh GR Digital III. The GRD III follows the very successfull Ricoh GRD I, released in 2005, and the Ricoh GRD II, released in 2007. Before that Ricoh had the film GR1 series, the GR21 and even released their GR lenses in a limited edition made for Leica L-mount.

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