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3rd Ricohforum Meet up

After the 3rd Ricoh meetup has been postponed we have rescheduled it for today.

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Focus on Imaging 2010

This years ‘Focus on Imaging’ exhibition was a bit of a letdown. Other than the announcement of the Panasonic G2 and G10 cameras and the first chance for me to try the Samsung NX10 there was not really much to see.

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GR Digital III – A Serious Compact

In case you have been wondering why my GRD III review has been delayed that much, this is to do with me being quite busy recently but also because I want to make it a very extensive review that should hopefully answer all questions regarding all three GRDs.

Another reason is that I have been working on a project for Ricoh. They have asked me to make a book for the GRD III. This was a great project and I am really happy to have had the opportunity to work on this.
Now that the book is finished and printed, I thought I will upload it so you can have a look and see the book. It looks fantastic in print and it shows why looking at pictures on screen is not the best way to appreciate them.

You can see the full book here.
Now you can also order the book on Blurb by clicking here.

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Review Diary: Ricoh CX1 – DR Mode

One of the main standout features of the Ricoh CX1 is the DR Mode. Small sensors have two major shortcomings when compared with larger sensors found in dSLRs. The first is the noise, which is often smeared away by the in-camera noise reduction, the second is the limited dynamic range, this is more difficult to hide or fix in-camera.

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2nd Ricohforum Meetup

It has been a while since our 1st Ricohforum meetup in December so we decided to organize another meetup. This time we planed a walk from Kings Cross to Camden and then finish up in Primrose Hill.

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Review Diary: Ricoh CX1 – Build & Controls

Another part in my ongoing Ricoh CX1 review diary. Today, I will look at the build and external controls of the camera. At the same time I will also compare it with the Ricoh R10 and see where there have been improvements and where the R10 is better.

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Review Diary: Ricoh CX1 – First Impression

I am not really someone to read manuals although the CX1 has a very good manual that you can find here. Instead I go out and use the camera and learn so how everything works, with an intuitive interface as found on Ricoh cameras this is never a problem.
Since I had a day-trip planned, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to just take the CX1 out and see how it performs. I have yet to really figure out the best image settings and camera settings so chances are high that my pictures with the CX1 will improve as time goes by. This is just a short report to see how the camera performs if you just take it out and use it as a point & shoot.

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