3rd Ricohforum Meet up

After the 3rd Ricoh meetup has been postponed we have rescheduled it for today.

Unfortunately Pavel could not make it for this meetup but this time we had both Tohru from Ricoh and Frazer from Alpha Digital attending. It has been great to see both again, especially together at a meet up.

The Bridge Lounge was as usual a great venue to meetup since despite the central location it is a very quiet and relaxed place in the moning to simply have some coffee and chat about cameras and photography.

It is always great to meet new people with the same interests, this time it was mostly GRD III and GRD II users attending. People enjoyed themselves and could share tips about the GRDs but also try the GXR system with all threee modules available for it.
Unfortunately only a few of the people who signed up for the meetup actually came, this is a shame and not so good considering both Tohru and Frazer had to travel in to London for this meetup.

For the last meetup we had a walk scheduled with stops along the way but this time I decided to see what people were up to and only had a final location planned with the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station. We took the long way there and went over Borough Market and the Tate Modern and back to Tower Bridge before heading towards Wapping.


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