Ricoh CX3 Announced

Ricoh has announced the CX3 today.
The CX3 follows on from the R-series and the most recent CX1 and CX2 cameras to offer a superzoom lens in a compact package.

Like the CX2, it offers a f3.5-5.6 10x zoom lens ranging from 28-300mm and a 3″ LCD display with 920,000 pixel. It also offers the same fast continous shooting modes, high-contrast b&w mode and the minuaturize mode.

So what is new you ask?

Read on to find out.

Well, the sensor is now a new 10MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor that also supports 720p HD video recording.

Other new features include the improved NR algorithms from the GRD III and the ability to turn the NR ‘off’ as well as a improved high ISO of 3200.
It also includes a new ‘Pet’ scene mode for whoever might need this.

Pet-mode aside, this seems to be a great upgrade. I was very impressed with the CX1 in my review and the only issues I had were with the strong NR and the poor video mode, both seem to have been addressed now.

While this market segment has become very crowded now with most manufacturers offering similar cameras, the CX3 will have a place for everyone who values build quality and ergonomics in a compact camera.


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