New firmware update for the GRD II

Ricoh has released the last firmware update for the GRD II, it includes some of the new features found in the new GRD III.
The most interesting enhancement is certainly the ability to swap the front wheel and Adj. switch functions in manual mode, the other enhancements are for the playback mode.

Below are the updates found in version 2.40:

1. Displayed-file memory in playback mode

For playback, the file displayed is the last file that was displayed the last time playback mode was used. (In cases where photographs have been taken, the most recently taken photograph is displayed.)

2. One press zoom with ADJ. lever

When displaying still images in playback, pressing the ADJ. lever will display the image magnified.

3. One press zoom ratio selection

The zoom ratio can be selected for use for one press zoom in playback.

4. Playback mode dial option selection

In addition to the following combination “ADJ. lever: Next/previous frame; Up-down dial: Zoom in/out,” it is now possible to select this combination: “ADJ. lever: Scroll left/right; Up-down dial: Scroll up/down”

5. Changing dial functions for manual exposure mode

It is possible to change the dial functions so that the ADJ. lever controls aperture and the up-down dial controls shutter speed. (The normal setting is the reverse.)

The firmware can be downloaded for Windows or Mac.

Installation instructions are available here.


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