2nd Ricohforum London Meetup

This is a reminder for the second official RicohForum meet up!
Some key dates and facts:

Date: 06-06-2009
Start time: 10:00
Place: Camino, 3 Varnishers Yard, N1 9FD, London

It’s been a while since we had our first official meetup, so it’s about the time to organize the 2nd Ricoh Forum meet-up in London.

The last meet-up weather was very cold, windy and rainy, but I’m sure everyone who was there will agree that it was nice meet-up with many interesting chats, cool (in all respects) photo walk, and with many cameras to view and try. The cold weather and busy pre-Christmas time has been the reason why there was nobody from Ricoh, except Mr. Allen from Alpha Digital, who is the main distributor of Ricoh cameras in the UK. This time, however, there will be at least one person directly from Ricoh!

If you are interested in this meeting and want to see our route for the photo walk have a look here and let us know if you come along.
In case you can’t make it but would like to Ricoh any questions you can open a thread in the Ricoh forum or post your questions and comments under this post.


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