Ricoh CX1 Reviews Roundup

Due to some bad weather and limited time recently I am a bit behind with updating my CX1 Review Diary. I have however updated my CX1 Sample Gallery with more pictures.
I will publish more posts about the image quality and other features such as the ‘DR mode’, the multifocus mode, some other of the more interesting features and will also try to do an image comparison with some of my other cameras. The full review will follow shortly after.

Because I have not been able to post much recently I have decided to look around at what other people have written on the CX1 and collect a few interesting reviews so you can have a look in the meantime.

Let’s start with the excellent review from Nick Bland, another very good review has been posted on AlphaMountWorld and PhotographyBlog posted their review, too.

To find more reviews from the CX1 and other Ricoh cameras you can have a look on the Testfreaks website.


6 responses to “Ricoh CX1 Reviews Roundup

  1. Hi

    Im a former GR D owner who eventually ended up with Canon G9 that died on me re3cently. While shopping around I encountered the CX 1.

    I was very impressed as it seemed to be a very capable and stylish camera.

    One thing Id like to know if the CX 1 noise resembles film as it does with the GR D?



  2. Hi Russ,

    The CX1 is an excellent camera but unfortunatelly it will not give you the film-like noise you know from the GRD I. The noise reduction applied to the images is too strong.

    So far I have not seen any camera that deliveres the same image quality with the same film-like noise.
    The CX2 comes close when using the high-contrast b&w mode however and looks very good. Here you can see one picture:

    Overall the CX1 is very capable and an exelent camera with some great features like the Multi-Target AF and the DR mode, you can read more about these features in my review here:

    It is not as good as the GRD I when it comes to noise performance but then most cameras aren’t either. Maybe the Panasonic LX3 could do the job and seems very capable with good noise performance.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Christian,
    I own a CX1 that is with me during my business travels and I would like it a lot if that very annoying strong noise reduction was not so… strong! Many times I had the watercolor effect on my pictures, so I would ask if you think that this issue could be resolved with a software update from Ricoh and, if yes, which is your opinion on why they are not issuing a dedicated one.
    I’m also considering to buy a GRD III but I’m concerned that this issue can be present also in this camera. Which is your experience with this compared with the CX1?
    Thank you

    • Hi Gab,

      I know how you feel and it is unfortunate taht Ricoh went in this direction with their JPG engine. They have slightly improved it on the newer CX cameras but I don’t think Ricoh will release a firmware update to fix this on the CX1.

      The GRD III does a slightly better job with the JPGs but the good thing is you can use RAW and are free to process the images the way you like. Another alternative would be the GXR with P10 module which is basically a CX2 with RAW capabilities but in a larger package.

      Overall I would say Ricoh cameras are best when you use RAW and develop the images the way you like.

      Hope this helps.


      • Cristian,
        thank you for your replay.
        Indeed one of the points for which I’d like to buy a GRD III is the possibility to use the RAW, plus the chance you have to use shutter or aperture priorities and all the other stuff that you can have on a pro camera…
        Hope I will be able to find it, here in Italy is not so common and I’m having some real difficulties to find it in a shop (and if someone has one, the price is apocalyptic). May be I should buy it on the net…
        I’ll let you know…

  4. Hi Cristian,
    at the end the little jewel is in my hands… I bought it on Internet and I payed a lot of money (180 € only for VAT and importation!!) but now I have my finger around it… The first shots are fantastic, and I really believe that the GRD III is not doing only a slight better job compared to the CX1 but is significantly better. I immediately did the update of the firmware to the last version of October and tried the high contrast BW…. wonderful! Now I only need some time to take lot of pictures… I think that my Nikon D200 will sleep for a little….
    Thank you to your review on this prestigious compact camera, it helped me a lot.

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