Review Diary: Ricoh CX1 – Unboxing

This is the start of a new reviewing format on my blog and the first camera to be reviewed is the highly anticipated Ricoh CX1. I will post my impressions of the camera as I go along and at the end there will be a proper review about the camera in two parts to summarize everything.

I recieved the camera yesterday and my first post is the unboxing of the camera and my very first impressions.

I got the rosé colored CX1 camera and it does look very classy, on pictures it might look a bit pink but it is a very nice metallic color that even guys can use. The other available colors are black and silver, unfortunatelly Ricoh does not offer the CX in the fantastic bronze color, as seen on the R10.

My first impression is very good, the camera is extremely well built. Iif you have read my Ricoh R10 review you will know that I was very impressed with the build quality of the R10 and the CX1 is again improved on that. The only things I preferred on the R10 was the rubber handgrip in the front, without it the camera is a bit slippery, and the slightly bigger Adj./Ok joystick.

This is it for the first day, the unboxing and my first impressions.

Continue to Day 2…


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