RICOH GRD II Firmware – Version 2.20

Ricoh has released a new firmware for the GRD II, you can download it here.
Read on to find out the new features.

Add the following features.

• [AF Target Shift Function]
The AF target shift function can now be used in modes other than the macro mode.
• The AF target shift function can now be operated using not only the ADJ. lever, but also the Fn (Function) button.

• [Settings That Can Be Saved in My Settings Mode]
The following items can now be retained in [Reg. My Settings] on the setup menu.
– Shutter speed and aperture value for the M mode (manual exposure mode)

• [Quick Set Function for Manual Exposure Mode]
With the [M Mode Quick Set] function setting on the setup menu, you have options, Aperture, Shutter, or Program to make it available the Quick Set in the M mode.

Modified the following phenomena.

• When you set the [Korean] in the Language setting, and assign the [Img Set] in the ADJ. lever, if you press the ADJ. lever to show the image setting menu, some unnecessary mark may appear.
• If you take a picture after you have set the [AdobeRGB] in the color space set, and have changed the [Img Set] from default, the icon that you set in the [Img Set] may not appear in a captured image in the playback mode.


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