Color Comparison – Part 1

This time I wanted to compare the GRD I, GRD II, GX and GX100 JPGs when it comes to color images. Unfortunately the weather was still not very nice and it even rained during my testing so I had to keep it short and will have to do a more thorough comparison soon.

All cameras were used at f4 (both GRDs), f4.3 (GX100) or f4.7 (GX) respectively and at ISO 100 in A mode again. The jpg settings were on both GRDs set to ‘Contrast -2, Sharpness +1 and Color Depth +1’, the GX100 ‘Contrast -2, Sharpness +1 and Color Depth +2’ and the GX was left to standard since it does not offer these options. I use the cameras this way so this is why I do not set the parameters to normal since it would not be a real life test for me. The metering and focus on the GX are not working properly so I had to use infinity or macro focus instead of spot, also the camera underexposed most shots so I had to meter the scenes differently. Due to this I will use the LC1 next time for ‘Part 2’ and also to give and impression of what a larger sensor with less MP brings.

Anyway, enough talking, now to the actual pictures.

Ok, I will leave my final verdict till the next time but will say this for now:

– The GX100 has the lowest dynamic range when it comes to JPGs, although the GX is also struggling with it.
– The GRD I has the most natural colors and is the only camera to get the correct color for the purple flowers in the first picture or the red stop sign.
– The GRD II has as expected the highest dynamic range and shows almost no chromatic aberrations.

This is it for today, weather permitting I will have the 2nd part up on Sunday. The 3rd part will feature a low light comparison between these cameras (the GX might be substituted for the LC1).


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