Black and White Comparison – Part 2

Here are the new conversions I did following yesterday’s post. I will try to see if it is possible to get even closer to the GRD I JPG output. Read on to find out.

I chose only 2 pictures this time. If the question is “Can you get the same results from the other cameras when shooting RAW?” the answer is yes, you can but it requires more work for something you can have out of the camera. Even taking the RAWs from the GRD I requires some work but less than from the GRD II or LC1. Anyway, enough talk and on to the pictures.

You can probably get closer with some extra time but I did not have it. Now it is more difficult to tell which crops are from which camera and I can not tell it anymore looking at the small size images.
If you want to know what I did here it is:
– Set the EV at +0.5
– Sharpen the images pretty well
– Convert to b&w
– Uset the curves tool and select medium contrast to start off with, now darken the shadows more while you pull the highlights up a bit
– Use USM to sharpen the picture slightly more.


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