Fish-eye 3

Ok, artistically today’s pictures won’t win any awards or are even worth discussing. I took a short walk and wanted to show the different field of view of the different lenses and the distortion you might expect from them and finish my report on the adapter lenses.

I already discussed the Raynox QC-303 that provides a 8.4mm field of view. On Saturday, I got the Raynox QC-505 that provides a field of view of 14mm and not 16mm as previously mentioned. The QC-505 is slightly smaller but thicker so you have to manually focus at around 4-5cm or use macro as with the QC-303. Overall the distortion is lower with this lens and you get more usable image with it. However I find it less fun to use since the distortion and huge field of view is what makes the QC-303 so much fun :). Overall there is not much to choose between the two lenses since none is suited for any serious photography where technical quality is important. Both however are a lot of fun to use and are suited to get an interesting look.

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