GRD I vs GRD II – Teaser no. 1

Ok, I’ve been writing a lot about the differences of the two GRDs and have been promissing a comparisson for a while now. While I have to admit I am still not done with it due to me changing the format or content around very often I decided to finally post some pictures to compare both cameras.

Find below the 100% crops. The top crops are from the GRD II and the bottom crops from the GRD I, the last is left GRD II and right GRD I.

The shots are taken with the same settings on both cameras and are straight jpgs out of the cameras, the crops are done using Faststone image compare so no up- or downsizing has been done.
I will leave it at only that so you can make up your own mind.


4 responses to “GRD I vs GRD II – Teaser no. 1

  1. Wow, so far GRD I has more detail in the shots. Very interesting comparison. I wonder if adjusting sharpness or any other setting would prove a good “tweak”. I believe you also mentioned that these are straight JPG from the camera. I’d be interested to see the RAW version comparison to see if any of the details are salvaged from GRD2

  2. You are right Ken, I was quite surprised about that. The JPGs have been slightly improved with the later firmware versions but not much. I have tried different settings but the JPGs on the GRD II remain unusable for me.
    You can see RAW comparisons in the ‘B&W Comparison part 1 and 2’ and the ‘High ISO Comparison’. I will try to do another comparison including RAW for my GX200 review.

  3. arthur erosi

    when the GRD I translates the color pictures into b/w the diagram shows no change. this is a mistake, there are differences in the lighting of a b/w and color picture. the diagram needs to change/be diferent because the human eye sees colors and their lightvalue in a subjective way. if the diagram doesn’t change the b/w picture has wrong lighting values, the translation from b/w to color has gone wrong… so the GDR II translates the right way. but you’re right the GDR I makes clearer, pictures with a higher contrast and the GDR II more neutral pictures…but this shouldn’t be a problem with photoshop ;D

    • Arthur, you are right that the histogram does not change on the GRD I but I think this is more to do with the camera being more set up for b&w anyway since the colors always look a bit off or different than the other cameras. I believe this is what is responsible for the great b&w images.

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